Graduate students and postdocs: Our lab is quite full at the moment and we won’t be actively recruiting any new graduate students or postdocs in the next year. However, opportunities do occasionally arise – if your research interests and goals are an exceptionally good fit for the lab, feel free to get in touch by email (lisa.taylor@ufl.edu).

High school and undergraduate researchers: If you are interested in getting hands-on research experience (either for credit or as a paid internship), please send an email to Lisa (lisa.taylor@ufl.edu). In your email, indicate why you are interested in getting involved in our research (including any specific interests) and include a resume or CV.

Volunteers: If you want to learn more about our projects, enjoy being outdoors collecting spiders, would like to combine artistic talents with a love for arachnids, or just want to contribute to an important cause, we can often use help from volunteers. If interested, please send a resume and a little bit of info about yourself to Lisa (lisa.taylor@ufl.edu).