Arachno-how: The Agency of Spiders. Our newest project is an international traveling exhibit that partners artists and arachnologists to explore the beauty of spiders. Stay tuned!

jumping spider drawing.jpg

Coloring with spiders! Members of the Taylor Lab have created a coloring book to help spread the love of spiders. Click on the cute spider above to download it!


Insects Alive! was a campus-wide art competition bringing together science, art, and technology to foster a meaningful interdisciplinary creative experience for students at the University of Florida. The final products of the competition (sculptures and animations inspired by real 3-D data from micro-CT scanned insects and spiders) showcased the creativity and technological talent of our participants.

pirate_spider copy

Finally, the Taylor Lab has a fundraising site,, that features colorful spider designs.  If you an artist or art student, we need your help!



We’ve also been involved in several other events that have involved collaboration between artists and scientists – these events are always fascinating and fun.  If you are interested in collaborating, please get in touch.

In 2012, we collaborated with some other entomologists and three artists to create ‘N Sex, a ceramic exhibit of insect reproduction which was featured at the Eye Lounge in Phoenix, AZ.

In February 2011, as part of the Sustainable Phosphorus Summit, we partnered artists and scientists to communicate ideas about phosphorus sustainability.  The exhibit was on display at the Desert Botanical Garden and Step Gallery – images of all of the work can be viewed in the art event program.

In February 2008, our team of five doctoral students co-organized an international scientific conference on iridescence.  For the final evening of the conference, we collaborated with fashion designers and dancers, to create a fashion show inspired by iridescence in animals (see our photo gallery here and the event program here).