Spider Biology (ENY3830)

2 credits, Fall

Students can sign up for Spider Biology as or ENY3830 or ZOO4926

This course will introduce you to the fascinating world of spiders and their relatives. You will learn about many aspects of their biology, especially their ecology, behavior, and evolution. Spiders are diverse and while identification is not the focus of the course, your goal will be to comfortably recognize and be familiar with the diversity and biology of members of ~20 common spider families as well as several common Gainesville species. 

A new 1-credit Spider Biology lab course will be coming in Fall 2022!


Insect Behavior (ENY3451C)

3 credits (combined lecture and lab, online), Fall

This course provides a theoretical and empirical overview of insect behavior, ranging from physiology underlying behavior to the evolution of behavioral diversity. Focus will be on recent and current research on insect behavior, the diversity of approaches for studying it, and how this knowledge can be applied to solve human challenges.

Scientific Writing and Publication (ENY4905)

3 credits

This course is for advanced undergraduates who have already completed high-quality independent behavioral research in a UF laboratory and want to get their work published. To be eligible for this course, students must have already completed independent, publishable work in the Taylor lab or they MUST have a research supervisor (and co-author) who is willing to help edit drafts of their writing throughout the semester. Students will meet weekly and will work through modules on various topics related to data analysis, writing, and publication. Topics will include: data analysis using JMP, literature review and reference management using Web of Science and EndNote, creating figures using SigmaPlot, data archiving and accessibility using Dryad, understanding the publication process (journal impact factors, review process, etc). Over the course of the semester, each student will build an individual timeline for their writing, submit and revise several drafts of their paper, archive their data with Dryad, and peer-review drafts of their classmates papers. The goal for the course will be to submit papers for publication at the end of the semester (or soon afterwards).

Insect Learning (graduate seminar, ENY6934)

1 credit

This course will provide an in-depth examination of learning and memory in insects, with a focus on current and emerging trends in the field. Weekly meetings will be devoted to student-led discussions of recent papers from the primary literature. Students will be encouraged to choose papers for discussion that are relevant to their own research interests and that examine the broad implications that learning in insects has for their ecology and evolution, as well as potential impacts on the efficacy of various management strategies.

Credible Science: methods for efficient, reliable, and reproducible science

(ENY6905, designed and led by Dr. Malika Ihle)

2 credits

This course is designed to bolster the work of early-career scientists, including first year graduate students, by providing them with guidance to create a precise and personalized pipeline allowing them to efficiently conduct and manage their current or future scientific projects. The course will include several practical workshops on how to use organizational tools (Open Science Framework, Rstudio projects, version control systems, collaborative platforms) to establish a reproducible and transparent workflow, as well as workshops on how to plan and preregister a study (including its sampling design and statistics) to obtain reliable and credible scientific results.

Email lisa.taylor@ufl.edu with questions about any of these courses or for copies of the syllabi.